Sawaddee (Greetings)
Welcome to Tuk Tuk! We are a family-run, independent neighborhood restaurant offering authentic, home-cooked meals-style Thai cuisine in contemporary surroundings. We offer a great place to meet, eat and socialise for lunch or dinner, so please book a table with one of our friendly team or just pop in to say hello.

We also offer free delivery for order of $20.- or more (in limited areas) and accept catering order.  Our restaurant also offers a perfect location for your casual & fun parties.  Please ask our staff for details.
Chef recommendations
  1. Fried Wonton
    Fried Wonton
    Deep fried wonton skin with fillings served with Thai-style plum sauce
  2. Pumpkin Curry
    Pumpkin Curry
    Red curry with pumpkin, bell peppers, tomatoes and basil leaves
  3. Larb
    Ground meat of choice with red and green onions, mint, ground roasted rice, chili, and lime dressing.
  4. Som Tum
    Som Tum
    Green papaya salad with spicy lime dressing
  5. Kao Pad Moo Dang Kun-Cheng
    Kao Pad Moo Dang Kun-Cheng
    Fried rice with B.B.Q pork and Chinese sausage
  6. Emerald Salmon
    Emerald Salmon
    Deep fried or steamed salmon in green curry sauce
  7. Pad Kra Proa
    Pad Kra Proa
    Ground meat sauteed with garlic, bell pepper, green beans & basil leaves
  8. Kao Pad Gai Tod
    Kao Pad Gai Tod
    Deep fried boneless chicken breast over fried rice served with sweet and sour sauce
  9. Pad Ma Kua
    Pad Ma Kua
    Sauteed eggplants with bell pepper, garlic & basil leaves
  10. Fried Ice Cream
    Fried Ice Cream
Tel. 817.332.3339
*Limited Area and Minimum $20.-
MON - THURS:  11am - 3pm, 5pm - 9:30 pm
FRIDAY: 11am - 3 pm; 5 pm - 10 pm
SATURDAY: 12 pm - 10pm